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As B. Dogg, escape the pursing government agents with your bag of government secrets, and keep yourself from a crash and burn! Made for LD34 http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-34/?action=preview&uid=32941

Controller is required! Keyboard support has been added! Load times may be up to 20 seconds, and quit using ALT F4

Use the left stick to tilt and move yourself and avoid the incoming obstacles! Use the right stick to add momentum to your bag, crush incoming enemies! Collect secrets marked with a green icon to increase the size of your bag!

The Team Is:

Soren Laulainen - Sound and Music - http://music.sorenlaulainen.com/

Austin Nokleby - Story, Concept and Animation - http://www.headlikecog.com/

Cassie Murphy - Character & Background Art - cassiegraus@gmail.com

Jordan Lofgren - Story, Concept, Animation and Voice Over - http://spite.house/

Ray Grice(Me!) - Direction, Design and Engineering - @RayGrice_

Install instructions

Update 12/15/15 - Fixed the root of the enemy spawning bug - enemies should appear in all levels now; Added keyboard support!

Update 12/14/15 - Fixed a bug in which enemies didn't appear by switching level order - the subsequent levels now do not contain enemies, but this will be fixed soon. Also, will release for more platforms, and add keyboard support in the near future.


win64.zip 296 MB
sssadd_v5.zip 296 MB