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Heh this was cool. The spam was funny. Surprisingly well developed, didn't feel like a 2012 newgrounds flash game. Great game!

thx dis game is great

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I think this game is a virus

Or isn't?

haha isn't

haha best game

Saw this on a Vinesauce stream. Great game!




How much for the ad-free version?


Instead i clciked on the ads but great job!


That was hilarious. Definitely will try it out again.

lol Unique game! love it!  We have important work to do!- 12:03

Really great game i love 

haha yes it's funny but can we legit get a hatsune miku app?

hatsun's minku!!

Good old Win 98 days :)

Awesome game I loved this! It reminded me of an old Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode.

Holy shit, this is cool. We did something similar in aesthetic with our game.


Really enjoyed this! At one point I forgot I was playing on my laptop and thought I was on an old windows 95 desktop. The low-hum in the background of the game really sells the environment.