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As a loyal imp, you must keep your god fed and happy. Listen to its requests and nourish it from the bountiful island around you.
But beware the island's denizens who will impede your progress.

Keep your god happy and full. If it starves, you will begin to lose health.
If you die, then your god will perish.

To keep your god happy, fulfill its requests for tributes.
A happy god will reward you with greater power.

Beware the humans that inhabit the island. Their presence harms you, and continued destruction intensifies their anger.
WASD  or Left Stick - Move
Space or A/X - Pickup item. Multiple items can be held at once.
Enter or B/O - Throw item. Feed your god or stun your foes!

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Windows 28 MB
Mac 27 MB
Linux 30 MB

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